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                In April 2019, Yongerjia Group participated in the 6th China Electronic Information Expo

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                  The China Electronics Show began in 1964 and is the oldest and most authoritative electronic industry exhibition in China. China Electronics Show promotes the independent innovation of China's electronics industry with its leading basic electronic technology and grows together with China's electronics industry.
                   This exhibition highlights the company's flagship products, including rectifiers, MOS tubes, axial diodes, and SMD diodes. The brother company Shenzhen Yonghejia Electronics Co., Ltd. also carries three series of LED products of SMD, Lamp and Chip at the exhibition. The products on display have received a lot of attention and praise from customers.
                  The company made full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate and communicate with the customers who came to visit, and reached the goal of “expanding vision, developing ideas, exchanges and cooperation”, and further enhanced the brand awareness and influence of the company.
                  Through the exchanges with the peers at the exhibition, the company also further understood the development trend of the industry and learned the product characteristics of advanced enterprises. The company will also strive to improve the product structure, give play to its own advantages, and develop for the subsequent market.
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