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                March 2019 YONGERJIA Review Season

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                3/6~3/7, Yongjiajia Electronics 2019 IATF16949 internal audit went smoothly. Internal audit is an important activity of the quality management system and an internal inspection and self-correction of the management system. Internal auditors have carefully checked the records of the quality management system for one year, and compared them with internal documents and quality management system standards to find differences. No serious non-conformities were found during the audit, confirming the compliance and operational effectiveness of the Yonghuajia Quality Management System for the IATF16949 standard. Of course, the internal auditors have identified 21 improvement points and asked the departments to make corrections.
                3/18, Shenzhen Tianxiang Quality Technology Service Co., Ltd. conducted an ETL audit of Hangyijia Optoelectronics in Q1 2019. The audit passed smoothly and the auditor did not submit any non-conformities.
                3/19, TUV Rheinland Technical Monitoring (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. conducted a 2019 annual TUV audit of Hangyijia Optoelectronics. The audit passed smoothly and the auditor did not submit any non-conformities.
                3/21~3/22, Hangyijia Optoelectronics conducted the annual internal audit of the 2019 annual ISO9001 quality management system. The internal audit did not find serious non-conformities, but proposed 20 general non-conformance and improvement suggestions as the next stage of improvement.
                The year is in spring. Spring is the season of sowing, and is the season of preparation. Through the review and combing of the quality management system, ensuring the complete and effective operation of the system and welcoming the arrival of the sales season, it provides a strong guarantee for the busy production activities of the new year.
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