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                The Company Obtained The IATF16949 Certificate

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                October is the harvest season!

                Just after the National Day holiday, Yonghejia Electronics received a big gift: IATF16949 certification and ISO9001: 2015 certification. After a year of careful preparation, more than 300 days and nights, the efforts of all the partners of Yonghejia finally received a return. This also marks a step up in the quality management system of Yongjiajia Electronics and has been recognized by the automotive industry. Review the history:

                2017.7.12 Due to a number of customer requests, Yongjiajia began to evaluate the IATF16949 system import plan

                2017.8.10 Yonggajia signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Cosenza Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to prepare the IATF16949 project;

                2017.8.16 Yongjiajia established the IATF16949 project team;

                2017.10.31 The first stage of training is over

                2018.3.31 Document preparation and training completed

                2018.4.15 The first internal audit was completed

                2018.4.20 Applying for certification to Shanghai AoShi

                2018.6.11 Austrian company performs the first phase of the audit

                2018.7.15 Austrian company implements the second phase of the audit

                2018.8.12 Improvement report submission completed

                2018.10.8 Received formal certification

                Congratulations to Yonghejia Electronics, the quality management system has been upgraded! Let us have greater confidence in ensuring product quality and improving customer satisfaction!
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