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                • LED lighting source date:2012-01-17times:5870

                  Early products of low luminous efficiency, light intensity generally only reach a few to dozens of MCD, used in indoor places, used in household appliances, instrumentation...

                • LED back light source date:2012-01-17times:4570

                  In the back light efficient side emitting the most attract sb.'s attention, LED as the LCD backlight application, has the advantages of long service life, high luminous ef...

                • The application of LED family date:2014-12-09times:4128

                  Indoor lighting LED products become popular, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED optical fiber lamp has quietly entered the family! At pres...

                • Application of auto industry use date:2012-01-17times:4561

                  Lamp comprising the dashboard, car interior sound indicating lamp, switch back light, reading lamp and external brake lights, taillights, side lights and headlight. Automot...

                • Screen display, traffic signal light source application date:2012-01-17times:4841

                  LED lamp with shock and impact resistance, light response characteristics of fast speed, electricity saving and long service life, widely used in all kinds of indoor and out...