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                ABOUT US Your current location:HOME > ABOUT US > ABOUT US

                WEJ Electronic industry Co., Ltdis a professional engaged in the semiconductor discrete device manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises, 1996, so far, our company has been engaged in the diode, triode tube, bridge rectifier, charging module, such as product development, production and manufacturing, and accumulated a large number of technical experience. Products continue to the volume of small, thin plate, functional integration of development, so that the application of electronic consumer products more lightweight, more dynamic design, more beautiful appearance.

                Diodes, transistor discrete devices are widely used in the field of mobile phones, audio, power supply, computer, household appliances, such as control panel life, the products are sold around the world, is one of the most advanced professional production enterprises, the company depending on science and technology is the first productivity, exquisite production technology, professional supporting capacity, wide sales network in one, has won widespread praise from the broad market and social.

                We use the good faith to win customers, with love to create enterprise technology, build with Duxue, with innovative brand heritage.

                ONOK WEJ LIGHTING WEJ SDE-CHINA LED Spot Light datasheet Baidu